Advice for Juniors

Tip #1

Get on the golf course.  If you spend to much time on the practice range you can easily lose interest.

Tip #2

Walk the golf course.  You can't develop your game to the highest potential if you ride around the course in a golf cart.  If you're old enough to swing a golf club, you should be walking and strengthening your legs.

Tip #3

Great performances start with a great attitude.  The foundation of a great attitude consists of having positive thoughts.  A junior golfer that can roll with the punches, when they have a couple of difficult holes, can still come out of it with a can do attitude and will have a much better chance to move on than the junior who decides to nurse his wounded ego as they go.

Tip #4

Know precisely the distance, each of your clubs carry the golf ball in the air. Once you have a reasonably accurate idea of the distance you can carry the ball with each club, a yardage finder will be beneficial on the course.

For an experienced junior golfer, a yardage finder is an essential part of your golf equipment

Tip #5

There comes a time when you should seek out a certified junior golf coach that has been trained to coach kids, is experienced in coaching junior golfers, has a proven track record of success and remains positive at all times.

Tip #6

Developing the athlete.  The better athlete you become the more likely you'll be an athletic golfer.  One sport only training will isolate muscle development early in life.  I encourage you to play other sports even if it is just recreational.  The new breed of junior golfers is fitter, stronger and more powerful than ever.