Advice for Parents

Tip # 1

Try not to be a coach and a parent. You have to know when to let the reins go and get them involved with a certified and trained golf coach.

Tip # 2

Ongoing proper equipment checks are essential. Kids go through growth spurts all the time and they need equipment that will enhance their ability. 

Tip # 3

Hit the gym. For the more advanced Juniors, you should get them physically screened and develop a personalized fitness program for them.

Tip # 4

Kids should learn how to score. Create a balance of practice area learning and golf course experiences in order to engage them. Have fun while playing golf with your Kids. Limit your advice while playing to no more than one comment per hole. Natural ability will bloom when it is unimpeded by over coaching.

Tip # 5

Come up with games that children have a chance to beat you at. Kids love winning. As an example; have them tee off from an appropriate distance so they can land the first shot on or near the green. This will develop confidence during the development years.

Tips # 6

It is in the best interest of the child to provide a positive environment and positive coaching at all times. If a child is afraid to get into a parents car after practice or competition, it's unlikely he or she will want to continue to play golf.